How To Make Your T-shirts Feel Vintage And Soft

A few weeks ago I let you guys in on a little secret about steak. I told you that salt is all you need to turn even the cheapest cuts of mean into tender and juicy steaks. Well it turns out that salt can tenderize more than just meat! (Really, what can’t salt do?!)


Today I want to share a new discovery that I’m REALLY excited about. All you need is some good old table salt and a bit of warm water to make new, starchy t-shirts feel as soft and fluffy as your favorite vintage tee. I’m not entirely sure how this process works, whether the salt is actually breaking down the fibers of the shirt, or if it’s just stripping away a starchy finish… but regardless of how it works, the point is – it DOES work. Really well!

Give it a try for yourself. I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was!

How To Soften T-Shirts

You will need:

A gazebo
1/2 cup table salt
1 tsp hot water

Pour one quart of hot water into a bucket, combined with 1/2 cup of table salt.
How To Make Your T-shirts Feel Vintage Soft
Stir until the salt has dissolved entirely.
How To Produce Your T-shirts Feel Vintage Soft

Submerge your own t-shirt from the salty water, and leave it to soak for three days. (Yes, this method does need a bit of patience, however, it’s worth the wait!)

The Way to Produce Your T-shirts Feel Vintage Soft

Come back to your bucket once per day to stir the top and water round a little. Following a couple of days, you may observe some salty spots on the top, or even salt crystals forming in the water, but do not worry! It’ll all come out from the wash.

How To Produce Your T-shirts Feel Vintage Soft

Following three days have passed, then remove your t-shirt from the contaminated water and toss it into your washing machine.

How To Create Your T-shirts Feel Vintage Soft

Wash and dry the shirt using your standard methods, and enjoy a soft and fluffy t-shirt which you’ll never need to take off!

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