How To Make A T-Shirt Look And Feel Vintage (Aka, SO Soft)

There’s nothing better than a super soft and well-worn vintage t-shirt. If you’re like me, you have one or two of these in your drawer that you wear consistently –especially on Sunday afternoons to your weekly Netflix binge with your stretchiest set of shorts. Sigh if only all t-shirts could feel soft. Thankfully, the folks at Men’s Health discovered a trick that could make any t-shirt — regardless of how fresh, starchy or rigid — feel like a soft vintage tee. All you will need is one special product that could readily be found at any hardware store. Here’s the directions of

Step 1: Choose the shirt.

Any top can turn into a classic teeshirt, but the experts suggest beginning with a shirt that’s 1 size up from what you normally wear, so since the cotton will likely shrink during the procedure (it involves a lot of drying high heating ).

Measure 2: Mix 1/4 cup of sodium carbonate washing soda with 2 cups of salt.

In a bucket or bowl, mix the sodium carbonate washing soda using all the salt. Garment specialist Miyong Noh advised Men’s Health the salt”functions as an abrasive, which makes the top look older,” whereas the washing soda”breaks down the brand new shirt’s built-in coating which keeps it stiff, crisp, and… well, fresh.”

Measure 3: Start your washing machine.

Place the top or shirts to the washing machine with a towel and place the water to the highest temperature. “The warmth permeates the fibers,” Noh advised MH. When the water is above the clothes/towel, pour in the soda/salt mix in addition to your regular detergent and let the machine run through.

Step 4: Dry on heat.

After the wash is done, move the shirt to the dryer and then run it on the highest heat setting for as long as you can (60 minutes approximately ).

Step 5: Duplicate the procedure 3-5 times.

Mix up another batch of the soda and salt, and repeat the process again 3-5 days, drying on high heat after each wash. Keep washing and drying for as long as you can–or until desired results.

To create a shirt look truly vintage, you’ll need to distress that logo, picture or anything is printed on the front (that will most likely be in tact after you have run it via the soda wash 5 times). Employing a bit of fine-grit sandpaper, stroke in a round but irregular movement until the plastisol (that is what the emblem is) has worn off just the right amount.

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